At Which We Look.


I paint and sculpt because I must. Am ensnared by mind-blind contours, wherein I keep my eyes open, because I must. I also have 2 impressive card tricks, an extensive knowledge of cryptozoology, and I write pretty good (sic).  I have cultivated a wealth of advice about love and art for others. In regard to my own love and art? Hide and seek.


I am able to visualize myself making something from which YOU, Looker, may derive pleasures and insights beyond this mind of mine -- creator of these things, these kippel things. In hopes that pleasure becomes the insight - a broader, gleaming totem of synergistic origins.

BIG THOUGHTS: That which hath been translated from a reservoir of nonspecific planar conceit, I attempt to deem myself an adequate copywriter.

Just remember:

​​"Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza."